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Professional manufacturers of eddy current,magnetic flux leakage and ultrasonic instruments and equipment

Nanjing BKN Automation System Co., Ltd., originated from the eddy current testing laboratory of the Nanjing University of Technology. It is an eddy current testing benchmark enterprise and has long been committed to the development and production of bearing hardness and crack eddy current screening equipment. Our products are widely used in electricity, petroleum, natural gas, metallurgical machinery and automotive industries and we have high proprietory intellectual property rights patent technology.
To high-quality, high-tech products and quality services for the majority of users to provide perfect products and services
Application Video
  • High performance tube eddy current and magnetic flux leakage testing machine
  • Steel tube eddy current flaw detector
  • Steel pipe leakage detection machine
  • Eddy current testing of engine cylinder hole
  • On-line eddy current flaw detector for stainless steel welded pipe
  • Visual inspection system for crack hardness of flat bearing
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