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Market Prospect of Non-standard Automation Equipment
Time:2018-03-16 Source:Nanjing BKN Keywords:Automotive parts, bars and wires Views:1482
Non-standard automation equipment belongs to the field of automation, but the difference is that its production is not as simple as that of general standard equipment.

Non-standard automation equipment is a kind of non-standard automation equipment customized according to customer requirements. It is designed and customized according to the process requirements of enterprise users. Its operation is convenient, flexible and not single. Its functions can be added according to user requirements. It has great room for modification. It is often used in industry, electronics and medical treatment. Health and other fields.

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of market demand, more and more enterprises begin to participate in this industry. However, although the non-standard automation equipment industry as a whole presents an obvious trend, that is, the market space of non-standard automation equipment is vast, and even some traditional industries may become the most potential market, at present, there are many non-standard automation equipment enterprises in China, such as large number, small scale, backward technology, homogeneous competition, etc. The shortcomings determine that only by balancing the three major challenges of capital, talent and market can enterprises survive. Calm down, practice hard, and always adhere to the business principle of "credit first, customer first, quality first" to serve every customer well. Providing customers with an integrated solution from plan, processing, assembly to debugging is the most reliable way of life.