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Roller Hardness Eddy Current Separator GZYDFX-01
Product introduction

It is suitable for sorting and testing the hardness and material of cylindrical rollers, tapered rollers, needles and other cylindrical iron and steel parts, and realizes the zero defect control of the whole batch of parts.

1.Hardness testing: The detection resolution is 1 to 2 HRC (other parameters are stable and consistent);

2.Material sorting: It can sort the mixture in heat treatment state.

Composition: The system consists of six parts: eddy current sorter, probe, feeding mechanism, mechanical device, electrical control and sorting mechanism. Cylindrical parts arranged automatically by feeding mechanism slide into the feeding path in turn. After detection by eddy current probe, the separating cylinder controls the workpiece to enter the corresponding qualified or unqualified passage.

Sorting speed
Fifty hardness samples per minute; 100 hardness samples per minute for heat treatment and 100 hardness samples for non-heat treatment.
Frequency range
0~99dB,side size 0.1dB
Phase rotation 0~360° 1 °
Advanced filtering
High pass
Low pass
Computer Full Digital Parameter Adjustment
Synchronized alarm output controlled by internal and external clock
High Precision End and End Signal Excision Function
High Precision Real-time and Delayed Alarm Output
Fast Digital/Analog Electronic Balance
Delayed Hidden Removal Function with Memory Trajectory
Real-time impedance plane display
The instrument can match any probe
Remote Automatic Help System
Man-machine interface in Chinese and English
Non-equal Amplitude Phase/Amplitude Alarm Domain