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Bolt swirl separator BKNFX-11
Product introduction
1. Non-destructive testing, no special requirements for workpiece surface. (Avoiding the defect that the traditional detection method needs to destroy the surface state of the workpiece, and only two standard samples are prepared in the same material and workpiece when debugging the instrument.)
2. Fast, accurate and convenient. (When testing, only the workpiece can be put into the probe, and the efficiency is tens or even hundreds of times that of the traditional detection method. It has sound and light alarm function for qualified and unqualified parts.
3. high sensitivity. (Voltage and frequency continuously adjustable for different materials and heat-treated parts)
4. simple operation. (The human-computer dialogue function is set in the instrument.)
5. shows intuition. The software compiled by WINDOWS operation platform makes the instrument more convenient and intelligent.
6. Suitable for large-scale testing needs, to ensure product quality. (100% of the raw materials and finished products can be tested, instead of the conventional sampling test)

Sorting accuracy
1. Rockwell hardness (+2HRC)
2. 100% sorting of material mixtures
3. Crack length * width * depth (5 * 0.05 * 1mm)