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BKNET-101 Automatic Eddy Current Flaw Detection Machine
Product introduction
Eddy current flaw detector (BKNET-101) is a fully automatic testing machine which adopts large-scale imported integrated circuits and combines the most advanced eddy current technology, photoelectric technology and computer control. With exquisitely designed mechanical transmission device, a complete mechatronics system is formed. The software compiled by WINDOWS operation platform makes the instrument more convenient and intelligent. The instrument has stable and reliable performance, high automation and fast detection speed. It is specially used for off-line and on-line eddy current testing equipment for high-speed detection of metal pipes, rods and wires.

BKNET-101 eddy current flaw detector can quickly detect surface cracks, dark cracks, air holes, inclusions and opening cracks of various metal tubes, rods and wires with high sensitivity.。

BKNET-101 eddy current flaw detector has a testing frequency range of 100Hz-1MHz. It can meet the testing requirements of various metal pipe diameters, a variety of unique alarm modes, fast automatic electronic digital balance and full digital design. Therefore, a standard testing procedure can be established in the instrument, which is convenient for users to call when changing materials of different specifications. At the same time, 24-hour real-time storage of detection data, real-time detection "well-founded" to ensure that the review of "0" defects.
Probe parameters
1、DP Probe with High Sensitivity Anti-jamming Coil
2、Probe Adaptation Bandwidth: 1KHz~125KHz
3、The filling coefficient of the probe is small (e.g. steel pipe specification 12.7 mm, inner hole of the probe 14.7 mm, filling coefficient 0.746402, one-sided clearance 1 mm)

Detection plan
charging mechanism
testing organization
discharge mechanism