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RQ-120-B electric pulse automatic CNC grinding machine
Product introduction
The core part of the equipment adopts high-quality imported components, using modern advanced digital control and servo technology, the injury process is fully automatic, the processing precision is high, the speed is fast, the operation is simple, and the performance is at the international leading level. The whole instrument adopts a portable design, which is easy to carry and has low requirements for the environment of steel pipe rods.

Has the following features:
1) providing controllable electrical pulse generation and modulation;
2) According to the input incision depth parameter, the incision process is precisely controlled by numerical control and servo system;
3) The electronic control system automatically controls the rise, fall and stop of the guide operating mechanism;
4) Control the output of the processing power supply;
5) Adjust the working state of the instrument, such as the processing voltage, current and the position of the operating mechanism, according to the requirements;
6) Real-time precision display of processing speed and engraved depth value;
7) With manual tool setting and automatic engraving function.
Operating agencies
The mechanism includes CNC servo micro-motors, precision lead screws, precision guides, electrode fixtures and other devices. Under the control of the injuring host, the cutter head is caused to rise and fall to achieve precision feeding.

The magnetic seat ensures that the operating mechanism is easily and reliably fixed to the sample tube to be processed.

Tool guides and tools
According to the requirements of the internal injury, the operating mechanism extends the incision tool to the specified length through the guide rod.
The trauma tool is curved according to the outer diameter of the steel pipe, and the internal tool is made according to the inner diameter of the steel pipe to ensure uniform contact between the entire arc surface and the steel pipe.
Input voltage
AC220V ±20%  50~60Hz
Input Current
Output pulse current
Max 3A
Output indication Touch screen display
Feed cycle
Blade width
Blade length
Scoring depth
Bar specification range
Processing of artificial defects on the outer surface of pipe rod
Various specifications of outer diameter ≥5¢mm
Various specifications of pipe inner diameter ≥15¢mm
Groove depth error ≤ 5% of groove depth
Groove width error ≤ 5% of blade thickness
Isometric rectangle block error ≤ block depth 5% 
Reliable processing of deep rectangular blocks and equal-depth flat holes in the inner and outer walls of steel pipes: including isobaric rectangles, equal-depth flat holes